I Cry Alot -Nigerian Celebrity Mocheddah Speaks Out

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Nigeria Rapper\Singer, Mocheddah came out openly to voice out her daily struggle as an adult, a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur, and a musician.

The music star in her post laments how hard things are to be a business owner who has to satisfy her customers.

“This is me. After a good cry, I had to wipe my tears, drink tea, get on the phone and get work done.

40% of my time is spent on the phone talking, I do not wish it so but it is, I’m either talking to staff, a supplier or trying to get logistic companies to “do their job “on time because customers need their orders.

Another 40% is spent on the field, in the sun buying materials I would need or on an okada trying to meet up with a delivery, ( I’ll post the picture soon).

The last 20% is what I have left for myself, family and other businesses I run. It is HARD, I cry, I cry a lot. That’s the only way you can survive as a Nigerian business owner. Do not let my Instagram slay pictures deceive you, being an ADULT is HARD work, being an entrepreneur is even HARDER.

If you must chop you must work. On the brighter side, God rewards hard work so you will always reap what you have sewn. I’m writing this to let someone out there know it’s hard for me too … but we will survive .. PS- try drinking green tea – it.

Nigeria has left even the people we thought are living and swimming in wealth struggling for their daily bread too. The country is not easy, so we all got to hustle hard to make ends meet.

If a music star goes through this, what about you?

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