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Help!! My girlfriend hasn't get over her ex-boyfriend despite all i have done for her

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My name is oladayo from Ibadan Oyo state, Nigeria am 26years of age, my girlfriend hasn't get over her ex-boyfriend even with all I have done for her, she still meet with her ex-boyfriend each time he is around and they will kiss, romance and had sex.

Know she doesn't have time for me again onlike before and each time we meet she do make complains if i want to play with her, and she claim to love me

Am sick and tired of this relationship but I really love the girl. and she is the girl I wish to spend my life with, each time I ask her why she claim to love me and still meet with her ex, she will reply that she just dont know why but all she know is that she hasn't get over him and this is our 6month of dating

Pls what should I do because am confused ...........

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