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Half A Million Naira Cash Prize Up For Grab On #I_Rock_NNU_T_Shirt_Better Challenge

By - - [ NNU Income Sponsored ]

As #I_Rock_NNU_T_Shirt_Better Challenge season 1 ended, NNU T shirt has been on higher demand, so you should not miss this opportunity as you could be the winner on season II which is currently upgraded and in progress now on

To participate in season 2, log onto and register an account, then upload your photo and start getting vote.

Below is the winners of the season 2

Again more distributors in different regions are welcome. If you feel there is no distributor in your state, you can take up the avenue to become one and earn profit.

Most especially if you have a boutique or a shop, you can use the medium to make more sales. You have nothing to worry about the investment.

These are physical goods, so no loss. We will enlist your name and contact on our distributors list and of course you will definitely make sales and get your money + profit.

And if in any case you have more goods and we still need somewhere else, all you have to do is to send it over and get your money back.

So no loss when you do business with us.

Bulk purchase for distributors is at the rate of N2,300 per 1 shirt starting from minimum of 50 pieces = N115,000

If you wish to buy a copy then contact our distributors. A copy is 2500 naira.

For bulk purchase, whatsapp or sms 08169787210. DO NOT CALL. (This phone number is not here for complain, if you have issue, write to [email protected]

The goods will be sent to your location by waybill or driver once you make payment.

Contact the following users to place order for your copy in a location nearest to you.

Mariam 07063139613 - Edo State - Benin City
Williams 08166169415 - Ekiti State
Abigail 08050643304 - Lagos -Ikeja
Prince 08101551081 - Lagos - Lekki
Segun 09074577191 - Ondo State - Akure - FUTA
Moses 08176361051 - Nazarawa , Abuja
Emmanuel 08037803246 - Delta State - Warri
Stanislaus 08162199026 - Ebonyi State - Abakaliki
Michael 08035327117 - Osun State - Ile Ife - OAU
Amoye 08129669247 - Osun - OAU
Chris 07062434715 - Enugu
Uzoma 08037859257 - Anambra State
Andrew 08072683714 - Kogi State
Samuel 08065644431 - PH and Abia State
Joy     08141250105 Imo State Owerri -Nekede
Paul 08069080289 Taraba, Adamawa and Gombe
Dada     08122208387   Ibadan

Getting NNU T-Shirt is very important for all active members because something fresh is coming up and your NNU T-Shirt will be the ticket for taking advantage of any great idea we come up with. E.g, our music dance step challenge and some other great initiative idea that will give you one or more earning opportunity soon.

So, you are advised to get your NNU T-shirt as soon as possible and start rocking it, as it also serve as a way of getting more prospect in your area.

Happy money making.

Check some NNU T Shirt Photos below... Hope it's wore better😜 and don't forget to get yours from the distributor


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