Few Reasons Why Cars Have Steering Wheels at The Side Instead of The Center

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We live in a world where symmetry and centralization are always considered and taken seriously, a few people may be truly curious concerning why this "rule" was not reached out to the vehicle controlling wheel.
"For what reason isn't it in the center ! in any event we would not need to stress over the left hand drive and right hand drive issue" like it is in the Mclaren F1


There would be issues with easily sitting two passengers in front, the driver notwithstanding. The driver would need to sit tilted to one side to permit another person sit close to him. If by any chance you have ever sat in the front sit of a Keke Marwa(Tricycle), you would comprehend what I am stating and how awkward it is.To fix the issue of solace with this setup, producers would need to build the width of the vehicle, which thusly would prompt more wind obstruction.

Wind opposition would make the vehicle motor work harder to accomplish certain paces, which implies more fuel would be utilized.

2.It would be very uncomfortable getting into the drivers seat from either side of the car.

3.While sitting in the middle would mean both sides of the car are equally distant from the driver, it would also make having a centre mirror impractical, and it would move the driver further from the centre of the road, making it hard to see around some corners, such as those at intersections/crossroads, or a vehicle approaching you from behind

4.You would also have a hard time seeing what is going on in front of you, especially when there is traffic, or when you are about to overtake, because you would need to lean all the way to the right or left to see what is going on ahead.

4. It enables drivers entry and exit via safer side of the road.

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