Do you think NYSC should be scrapped?

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The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a mandatory service for all graduates who are Nigerians and below the age of 30. Judging from the experience of others who go through this process, the NYSC has its pros and cons.


1. Real life experience

2. You get to meet important personalities that can help you in life

3. Some persons meet their life partners there

4. You get to see how other people reason and many more...

The good part of the NYSC programme is not limited to these as there are other benefits which i didn't mention

As we all know, there is nothing that is generally accepted by everyone as everyone views things differently


1. The Corpers are being underpaid and the delay in payment is also frustrating and annoying.

2. This has lead to broken homes as some married women/men use this as an opportunity to cheat.

3. Death Casualties which arise from terrorist attacks and others.

4. Some persons feel it is a delay in their life and since it is mandatory, they have no choice than to participate.

These list is by no means exhaustive

I'm in no situation to judge, but if you had the power to make a judgement, what will be your judgement?

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