Amazing Benefits of Watermelon Seed

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Watermelon seeds are gotten from watermelon fruit which contain about 92% of water with other nutrient that nourish the human body. Watermelon seeds are mostly thrown away during consumption, thereby neglecting its nutritional values. Watermelon seeds are rich in vitamins, magnesium, potassium, omega 3and 6 fatty acid and more. These seeds can be dried and roasted for consumption.

Below are some of the health benefits of watermelon seeds;

  1. It helps to nourish the skin

The consumption of roasted seeds of watermelon helps to prevent outbreak of a disease known as acne (skin condition that occurs when the hair follicles become attach with oil and dead skin cells). It also helps to prevent ageing of the skin. The oil of the watermelon seeds, when applied to your face helps to block pores.

  1. It prevent hair breakage

The seeds contain protein which helps to increase hair growth, while the magnesium found in it helps to prevent breakage and split ends, and the copper helps to increase the melanin secretion which makes the hair vibrant and silky.

  1. It helps to control blood sugar level.

The seeds of watermelon help to reduce the effect of diabetes by regulating the insulin resistance in the body. Thus it is used for treatment of diabetes, it also have the power to reduce plasma glucose level in human.

  1. It helps to increase energy level

Discoveries have shown that watermelon seeds contain high percent of calories which gives more strength to human when consumed and also helps to regulate metabolism rate in human.

  1. It prevent osteoporosis 

osteoporosis is a condition of weak bones and low bone density which cause the risk of fractures in human. Watermelon seeds help to prevent osteoporosis because it contain magnesium. Also, it helps to give rigidity to your bones and improves its mineral density.

  1. It help to improve fertility in men    

Zinc is one of the minerals gotten from watermelon seeds which are very necessary in male reproductive system. According to Chinese research, its supplement increase sperm quality of infertile men and boost its fertility rate.

  1. It aids digestion

Watermelon seeds aid digestion because of the magnesium content present in the seeds. It helps to break down food particle and by activating the enzymes, it makes the body to assimilate nutrients easily and prevent constipation.

  1. It help to improve memory lose

Research have shown that magnesium which is a nutrient gotten from watermelon seeds aids to reduce memory loss and help to accelerate learning and improve one’s understanding.

How to eat watermelon seeds

Kindly purchase a watermelon, then pick the seeds from the watermelon, rinsed and drain the seed to dry. Then, toss the seed with olive oil and salt or any other seasoning till it turn golden and crispy. Your snack is ready for consumption.

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