7 Ways To Effectively Manage Your Time In 2019

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Time management is an important skill that most people don’t have. It actually requires discipline to cultivate the habit of managing time. But how many people are really disciplined when it comes to managing time? Very few.

Life often messes with people who played with their time when they had the opportunity. Time management is what differentiate successful people from others.

Isn’t it funny how people constantly set new goals for themselves every new year and never achieve them? It is not their village people, but they fail to manage their time effectively.

Irrespective of how well you map out your activities in 2019, if you don’t manage your time well, you aren’t going anywhere.

In this article, you will learn the ways to effectively manage your time in 2019.

7 Ways To Effectively Manage Your Time In 2019

#1. Take Note Of The Time You Spend On Everyday Task

One of the ways to effectively manage your time in 2019 is to track your activities. Take note of the time you spend on your everyday task.

Once you have the idea of the time it takes to get to the office, to send an email, to prepare a presentation and all other activities. With this, you can properly plan your day with a rough idea of how long you will spend on every activity in your schedule.

#2. Prepare A To-Do List For The Day

Proper planning of your day is an important aspect of time management. A to-do list is like a compass that direct you all through the day. It enables you to focus and avoid being distracted.

Ensure that your to-do list covers all your activities of the day. It is important to set a time limit for every activity for control purpose. Once you can do this, you will end up achieving about 95% of your task by the end of the day.

#3. Don’t Joke With Your Deadlines

Meeting up with looming deadlines is one of the ways to effectively manage your time in 2019. As a rule, get a calendar and mark all your deadlines.

A digital calendar is recommended as it will remind you when the time is approaching. People who use calendar seldom miss their deadlines and are very productive in their place of work.

#4. Sometimes, say No to things you didn’t plan for.

You must not please everybody. Sometimes, when you try to please everybody, you will end up forfeiting all your plans for the day.

So, there is nothing bad to say No to someone who tried to steal your time. You can always stylishly say no to any time-crunching request.

#5. Use Reminder Alerts For Appointments

It is a common habit among most people to miss important appointments. This could be as a result of their busy schedule and they end up forgetting.

Therefore, you can set the reminder alerts on your digital calendars to remind you on important appointments. This will definitely enable you to manage your time effectively.

#6. Start Planning For Your Next Day Activities The Night Before

One of the ways to effectively manage your time in 2019 is to start planning for your next day activities the night before.

Planning is best done at night before the previous day. This will definitely make you wake up to a productive day.

#7. Delegate If You Can

Delegation of tasks is one of the ways to effectively manage your time in 2019. You can assign a trusted family member to do your chores why you handle other deadlines.

Also, you can ask a colleague at work to help you do some pressing task. However, always remember to return the favor.

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