66 Percent Of Nigerians Do Not Use Condoms During Sex With Strangers – Survey

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File photo taken on October 29, 2019 of a condom as a health promoter of the Civil Family Planning Association (PLAFAM) speaks to young women at a clinic of the Petare neighborhood in Caracas. YURI CORTEZ / AFP.

Sixty-six percent of Nigerians do not use condoms during sex with persons who are not their regular partners or spouses.

This is according to a survey by NOIpolls.

The result of the survey, which was carried out in partnership with the National Agency for the Control of AIDS and AIDS Healthcare Foundation, revealed that only 34 percent of Nigerians actually use the protective rubber during sexual intercourse, while 83 percent think that they ought to use condoms.

Executive Director of NOIpolls, Chike Nwangwu, said despite the low usage, 92 percent have heard about condoms and know about its use.

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