6 Tips to Write Effective Essay

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Essay writing has been considered as a dreaded task among students. Sometimes in class, contest or maybe even scholarship. Many student continuously find it difficult to deal with issues concerning writting an excellent essay. Most students claim that writing an essay is boring, while others don’t even know How and Where to start from.

Here are some tips on how you can write a simple and accurate Essay.

  1. Choose a topic:

In essay writing, sometimes topics are assigned or maybe you are given the chance to write on a topic of your choice. First define your aim; is it to persuade, to inform or to educate? After getting a review of the essay, you will be in a good position to pick an appropriate topic. Be calm and choose a subject that you are passionate about. Whatever the topic of your essay may be, make sure you are passionate about your topic.

  1. Generate an outline or diagram:

For you to write an effective essay, you must construct your ideas and your thoughts by putting to paper what is already in your head. Either you use an outline or diagram to write down your ideas and construct them. Note that to create a diagram you must write your topic at the middle of the page but if you choose to create an outline, then write your topic at the top of your page. Start listing your major ideas, creating space under each one. Use the created space to list other minor ideas that has to do with each major idea and add thoughts you may have on these ideas. Doing all this will help you to see the connections and will allow you to write a more arranged essay.

  1. Generate a thesis statement:

When the topic is now available, same as the outlines, what you need to do next is to generate your thesis statement. This will help the reader to know the purpose of your essay. Your thesis statement must consist of the topic and the main debate of your essay. For example; if you want to write about Buhari and his impact on Nigeria, an effective thesis statement would be ''Muhamadu Buhari has impacted the future of our country through his two subsequent terms as the president of Nigeria''.

  1. Write the Body of your essay:

The body of your essay explains, describe or debate your topic. Every major idea that has been written in your diagram or outline will be detached from the body of the essay. Each paragraph will have the same vital idea. Start by writing one of your major idea as introductory sentence and your backing ideas should be written in sentence format. Leave three or four lines between your points to give important information and examples. Fill the lines created with similar informations that will help link your minor ideas together.

  1. The introduction:

Now that you've come up with your thesis and the total body of your essay, you need to write an introduction, the introduction should draw the attention of the readers and also show the target of your essay. You can start with diversionary tactics like, frightful revelation, chat, a story, a quote or a run through of your topic. Note that the one you choose must tally with your thesis statement which must also be included as the last statement of your introduction.

  1. The conclusion:

This part requires much importance just as the introduction part. Though there is no need to introduce new ideas in the conclusion, make it snappy with just four to five sentences. Summarize your preceding debate, review your main point and provide a final overview of your topic.

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