6 Amazing Health Benefits of Egg

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Egg is a good source of protein and choline and is been laid by female animals of different species such as Reptiles, birds, mammals, amphibians and fish. Eggs have been a source of food for humans for thousands of years.

The egg of reptiles and birds consists of a protective eggshell, vitellus (egg York) and albumen (egg white) containing various thin membranes. Chicken eggs are the most commonly consumed eggs in the world. In 2009 statistics show that over 62.1 million metric tons of eggs are laid by approximately 6.4 billion hen world wild.

Below are some of the health benefits of egg:

  1. Good Source of Choline

Choline is an important nutrient that is present in some food and usable as dietary supplement. It’s a good source of Methyl groups used for many steps in metabolism. Choline has a macronutrient with physiological functions such as, nerve function, neurological development, metabolism and muscle control.

Since eggs are rich dietary source of choline, one medium egg contains about 100mg of choline. Basically, there is no guideline for the intake of Choline, but it is advisable for women who are not pregnant or nursing mothers to take about 425-500mg of choline daily. While adult men can take 550mg on a daily basis. Eating of one egg on a daily basis can help you on this goal.

  1. Help in preventing Cardiovascular disease

Egg contains about 25% of recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of selenium making it one of the good dietary sources of mineral. Selenium is a strong anti-inflammatory that is directly connected with some issues of cardiovascular disease which can cause deficiency in mineral. This can help in decreasing death rate caused by cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Egg Contains Amino Acid That Is Perfect for Protein.

Egg is considered as a good source of protein. Amino acid is considered as the building block of protein and the quality of protein is determine by three criteria which are; amino acid bioavailability, digestibility and amino acid composition.

Basically, there are twenty one of these amino acids, nine of which the body is unable to create on its own and must get it from dietary source. For the assessment of protein to be high, food is expected to be high in the nine aminos that your body cannot produce. But with the help of egg, the nine amino acid can be produce.

  1. Help in filling and satisfying weight loss

Protein in egg does not only give you the necessary amino acids, but it helps in filling you up and provides you energy with about 75 calories per medium of egg. Studies have shown that people eating egg as breakfast, compared to grains as their main dish consume little calories during the day because they are more satisfy and fill with more energy to carry out daily activities.

  1. Limiting the risk of breast cancer

When dietary is been modify there is reduction on the overall risk of getting cancer. It is known that most anti-cancer diet are present in some fruit, but you can increase the effectiveness of your diet by adding eggs on daily basis. Studies have shown that the choline present in vitellus (egg York) is related in reducing the outcome of breast cancer.

  1. As source of vitamin.

Vitamins are very important to the human body, vitamin D is very important for bone health, but the human body cannot synthesize vitamin D on its own. The common sources of vitamin D are through supplementation and sun. It is possible to get vitamin D from dietary sources, because there are fewer foods that contain vitamin D, but of these less dietary sources, eggs are on top of the list.

Below is some amazing facts about egg:

  • The colour of an egg shell does not indicate nutritional advantage
  • The earlobes of a chicken can predict the colour of egg they will lay
  • White stringy thing in egg is a sign of a good egg.
  • How thick an egg shell look like depends on the age of the laying hen.
  • York colour does not indicate nutritional differences.
  • Testing the buoyancy of an egg can show how old the egg is.

Below are the top 5 egg producing countries in the world:

  1. China with 24.8 billion kilograms in shell
  2. USA with 5.6 billion kilograms in shell
  3. India with 3.8 billion kilograms in shell
  4. Japan with 2.522 billion kilograms in shell
  5. Mexico with 2.516 billion kilograms in shell.

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