5 Love Languages That Can Enhance Your Relationship

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People tend to find it difficult to understand other people’s love language and often, this makes relationships very difficult. It is essential that you understand your partner’s love language, this helps you understand their actions and inaction. Below are some of the love languages that exist.

Words of affirmation

This love language depends on verbal appreciation from a loved one. It does not have to be complicated, it could be as simple as a thank you. Words mean a lot to your partner if they have this love language and you must be ready to appreciate them as often as possible. Also, negative words and insults can also affect them deeply and it might put an end to your relationship.


Some people appreciates giving of gifts and when they do not get gifts from their loved ones, they assume they are not loved. Once you notice your partner loves gifts, it is essential that you shower them with it. These gifts do not necessarily have to be expensive or so big, it could be buying them their favourite drink or meal. This matters a lot to people like this.

Acts of service

These sets of people believe in your actions, their mantra is “action speaks louder than words”. When you have a partner with this love language, you have to do things that will show you care about them. It could be doing the dishes while they cook or doing the laundry while they attend to other things. All these things must be done with a positive attitude and with smile. Once things are done grudgingly, it will turn them off.

Quality time

While some people do not enjoy being disturbed, some want undivided attention. They want to spend time with their partners, have them all to themselves. However, there is a thin line between wanting to spend quality time with your partner and being clingy. Every time you cancel meetings or postpone important events, it can affect your partners.

Physical touch

To this people, touch is very important. They love being cuddled and touched by their partners, it gives them a sense of safety, comfort and belonging. If they are not touched, they might feel neglected.

It is important that you understand your love language and also understand that of your partner’s.



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