5 Steps to Enhance Your Spiritual Gifts POSTED

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1. Fast regularly

Fasting means giving up food, although you can give up almost anything your flesh desires for a time. 1

When you are craving whatever it is you’re fasting, focus your mind on the Lord and ask God to draw you closer to him. Be purposeful. Somehow denying our flesh leads to enhanced spiritual gifts.

2. Pray in tongues

When I want to enhance my spiritual gifts, I regularly pray in tongues, otherwise known as allowing the Holy Spirit to pray through me. This is a good practice anyway, even if you aren’t focused on enhancing your gifts.

(Yes, I know this is considered by many as “too much information” at best and “the problem gift” at worst).

3. Get in a Church.

Too many sit out regular church attendance. They have many excuses: they don’t like the music, or the teaching, or the theology, or the pastor, or getting up early on Sundays, or doggonit, their kids’ traveling sports teams get in the way. The excuses are endless.

4. Study the Book of Acts

If you really want to understand how spiritual gifts work, – and understanding is needed to grow in the gifts – then study the book of Acts. You can do this by yourself, but it’s better to do it in a community, with at least one other, but maybe even in a group Bible study.

5. Study Col 3:1-17 for 21 days.

This leads to taking your thoughts captive, cutting out anything that takes your mind off Jesus, including watching or listening to thoughts or actions of violence or illicit sex or bloodshed or hate or anger (see Peace in Your House, starting on page 42).

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