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3 Types of Clients You Must Avoid

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Not all clients or potential clients are created equally, just like our fingers are not created equally. Entrepreneurs come across so many different clients in their busy lives and here I some typical ones that I have come across.

A word for the wise business owner, be on the alert whenever you come into contact with these types of so-called clients:

  1. The I-Got-A-Free-Service-And-Cannot-Be-Bothered-To-Leave-A-Free-Testimonial: This is the client that comes running to you begging for help to sort out their life. They tell you that they cannot afford to pay for your services. This is a client that you agree to give your services to for free. This is the client that you work with tirelessly but kindly ask that they at least provide a free testimonial  sharing the benefits they got from your service. This is the client that says, "Yes, Yes, Yes, of course, no problem, anything for you". Then you hear....crickets!! 
  2. The-What-Do-You-Do-Again-Client: This is the client that likes, wows, haha and thumbs up on literally every single post that you put on Facebook in which you repeatedly say what you do and the services you offer. This is the client who never makes a comment on your post. This is the client that you often wonder whether they actually watch or read your post before they click the reaction button. This is the client that you think will even like or love a video that says that you are selling poo - without even listening to a word of what you've said. This is the client that regularly sends you a private message on messenger saying, "Hi beautiful, how's your day going?" This is the client who receives an automated response on Facebook messenger thanking them for contacting your business and asking them what their business enquiry is. This is the client who replies to an automated message saying, "I am looking for a woman like you to be my wife!!" Urh!! This is the client who will never leave such a comment on any of your post for the rest of the world to see it.
  3. The-I-Need-Your-Help: This is the client who gives you the initial impression that they require your services and even goes as far as asking more about your services. This is the client who will allow you to go into more details about the services and the prices on offer and at great length. This is the client that will keep a conversation going with you for a long period of time. This is the client who will then suddenly drop a bombshell on you by saying, "please, please, please, send me some money to pay for my university fees in Africa because you say help people learn about money"!! What??? 

Join the conversation in the comments section below about the type of difficult clients that you have come across and wish to avoid in future. Thanks.

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