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13 Places With Funny Names In Nigeria. Add Yours

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  For me, one city in which you’ll find the most weird names of places in Nigeria is Abeokuta. I am always puzzled anytime I visit that place. I couldn’t help it when I heard a bus stop called Iyana Mortuary (Road To Mortuary). Who would even get down at Iyana Mortuary especially at night.. Let’s quickly take a look at places with weird and funny names in Nigeria. These are the ones I know so don’t forget to add yours.
  1. Alalubosa (Ibadan): Someone that sells onions
  2. Odongunyan (Ikorodu): Mortar is pounding yam
  3. Adigbe (Abeokuta): Someone that blocks faeces
  4. Tabon-Tabon (Agege): Shoot gun – Shoot gun
  5. Oniparaga (Ondo): Alcoholic herbal mixture seller
  6. Ogijo (Ogun State): Burnt pap
  7. Killer (Ejigbo, Lagos): As the name implies
  8. Kukuruku (Edo): You won’t even need an alarm clock to wake you up
  9. Ogolonto (Ikorodu): What does that even mean?
  10. Oshokoshoko (Kogi)
  11. Ojuelegba (Lagos): The eye of the owner of the cane
  12. Okokomaiko (Lagos)
  13. Nyanya (Abuja Suburb in Nasarawa): Just imagine how people spoil their mouth when pronouncing the name.
If you want to look for trouble now, just propose a name change to any of these communities. They will take their time to school you about their heritage with vexation. Which of these names do you dread the most? There are still many more names so don’t forget to add yours in the comment section. Source:

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