"12" Years OLd Girl Got Raped by a Man with "4" Wives

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Francis Joseph a 43 years of age farmer,  has desecrated a 12-year girl of his neighbor in Lugbogi zone of Ondo in Ondo West Local Government Area of Ondo state. It was culled that Joseph who is hitched to four wives with nine kids cautioned the young girl in the wake of having fornication with of the young lady, not to educate anyone regarding the episode or else she would pass on mysteriously.

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Mr Joseph was captured at a transport station in Ondo town on Thursday while attempting to board a transport to Lagos and was in this way given over to the police. Be that as it may, he prevented the claim from securing polluting the young lady. He said the general population of the network schemed against him and ensnared him for the wrongdoing. Joseph did not clarify the purposes behind fleeing from the network.

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