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12 Things That Have Always Been Cool And Probably Always Will Be

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Some things never change. Be it the alcohol or the wheel, these things have stuck with us for about thousands of years now. But look around and you’d find yourself surrounded by generic things that are still the way they used to be. Maybe their usefulness to the society makes them indispensable or maybe we humans just, you know, like keeping them. Whatever be the case though, here are 12 things that are cool and probably always will be.

1. Looking Up To The Milky Way

Back in the days, it used to appear more clear. You can still look at it, but with more light pollution of course.

2. Gold

This goddamn metal was behind some of the ugliest wars ever fought. And we still are carrying the legacy forward.

3. Owning Goats

Owning Goats back in the days was a surety of you being rich. Now, it just makes you look cool.

4. Irrigation

Nope. It’s not a modern method. Irrigation made it possible for the ancient civilizations to exist. Just like it helps in our existence today.

5. Owning A Sword

Back then, it was kind of a necessity you know. Today, it is owned by only a few people who are descendants of a royal family.

6. Writing On Walls

Believe it or not, but the graffiti has been around for quite awhile. From ancient maps to secret messages, methods to civilizations, researchers have gathered amazing information plastered on cave walls.

7. Barbecuing

For the early men, it was their only way to cook food. Unlike now, when you do it to relax and have fun.

8. Cats

They are known to be worshipped at the temples earlier. And to no one’s surprise, they have taken it quite seriously. You don’t own a cat today, the cat owns you.

9. Wheel

Bus, bike, train, and even airplane. You name it, and it’s there. The sad part is, you cannot just invent a “wheel-less” vehicle. Not at least a few decades from now.

10. Makeup

A quite famous activity done by ancient Egypt civilization. The only difference between them and us? We take more time.

11. Tattoos

They have been around for a quite long time. Obviously not as dapper as they look now.

12. Antarctica


It’s always been cool! Ain’t that, right?


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