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12 Painless Experiences That Are Nonetheless Extremely Uncomfortable

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Have you ever had a painless experience which was unusually uncomfortable? Well, happens to the best of us. And just because it is painless, doesn’t mean that it qualifies for your “things I haven’t tried” checklist. There are a number of things that have nothing to do with pain, yet, no one would ever want to experience them. It is really hard to conceive such things but in reality, they do exist. From nausea to ”nails on the chalkboard” painless experiences like these can make us feel uncomfortable in seconds. All of these aren’t what you should consider for the sole purpose of fun. So look into these 12 painless experiences and see if you can relate.

1. Sinus Pressure

Sinus pressure is one of the most uncomfortable things we could experience without feeling any pain. And you know how bad it is.

2. Not Able To Sneeze

Just when you think you’re about to have a loud and relieving sneeze, something goes south and you couldn’t. The feeling of uneasiness remains until and unless you get another one.

3. Your Hand

Ever slept on your hand? Congratulations. You know the feeling of all those needles.

4. Hiccups

Until and unless they are of short duration, it’s all good. The moment they last a bit longer, it becomes so hard to control.

5. Nausea

Vomiting is itself a bad experience but the worst part is the feeling of throwing up. You know it’s about to come, but you couldn’t do anything about it.

6. Thinking Someone Is Waving At You

No. He wasn’t. It was for the person behind you. Get ready to feel super creepy now.

7. Tickling The Roof Of Mouth

You did it unintentionally and now those 10 seconds of weird sensations are just killing you. Don’t worry, it happens.

8. Water Inside Your Boots

The worst painless thing to experience is our shoes getting filled with water. Walking in those wet socks is just, annoying.

9. Sleep Paralysis

It the moment when you are stuck between sleeping and waking up. That momentary paralysis can scare the hell out of anyone.

10. The Stairs

So you thought there was one more step? Lol, gotcha!

11. Not Being Able To Wash Something Off

It can be any stinking thing you might have touched. And now you couldn’t get it off your hands.

12. Hypnic Jerk

When you’re at the edge of falling asleep but your kind brain thinks you’re falling, so you snap awake. And feel awkward in front of everyone.


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