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Portable retaliates as Bakare labels him ‘dirty boy’ from Sango



Nigerian singer, rapper, and songwriter Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, has lashed out at Nollywood actress Laide Bakare, claiming he has enough money to buy and marry her after she called him a dirty boy from Sango.

During an interview, Laide Bakare referred to Portable as a dirty boy while discussing sensitive and personal topics, following some vulgar statements the singer made on her media page.

"I will buy you and marry you" - Portable retaliates as Bakare labels him 'dirty boy' from Sango
Nigerian singer, Portable.

In the interview, Bakare was asked personal questions, including the controversy surrounding her child being claimed by two individuals alleging to be the child’s father.

In response, she stated, “That’s where Wahala started. When I finished my house in Lekki, I sent out invitations. I saw it to them, they saw it, no response at all.”

She continued, “I told them, ‘You’re not okay.’ I sent invitations to you, and you didn’t even say anything. So when I now got my (inaudible), a person commented under my post, saying, ‘Sorry rich woman.’”


The actress added that Portable, the Nigerian singer, was the one who made the comment. She went on to abuse and insult him, calling him “a dirty mad boy from Sango.”

In a subsequent video, Portable responded, emphasizing that Bakare had earlier stated that if her husband cheats, she’ll cheat as well.

Therefore, he warned her not to associate with his wife for fear of her influencing his wife negatively.

Portable stated, “No be you do interview say if your husband cheats, you go cheat. Due to this, I messaged and asked that you shouldn’t associate with my wife, who is an actress.”

Because you’re unfortunate, you might advise her to cheat as well.”


Regarding Bakare’s comment about him being a dirty boy, Portable said, “You called me a dirty boy, but I can buy you. Who is your husband? Tell me your husband.”

The singer made several sensitive statements in the video, which is attached below.


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