Photos Of 5-Year-Old Girl With ‘Windswept Legs’ After Undergoing Surgery

Hope and relieve has been given to a five year old who has been kept out of school due to the pain her ‘windswept legs’ were causing her. Now, the young girl is able to do somethings she couldn’t do before following a free orthopedic surgery she underwent.

According to Africa Mercy, her family has high hopes for her education and future: “We pray that now she will one day become a great lady of this nation”


  1. akinsanya adeola2 days agoReply

    God will heal her

  2. Ahmad Abdulhaqq2 days agoReply


  3. Adesugba Joshua oluwafemi2 days agoReply

    it is well

  4. Ajamu Samuel2 days agoReply

    Doctor are really trying

  5. Akinsanya Toyosi2 days agoReply

    this is miraculous

  6. Akande Ezekiel2 days agoReply

    May God have mercy

  7. Fatima Yerima2 days agoReply

    Thaz good for her

  8. Obrorhie Eunice2 days agoReply


  9. anyiam henry2 days agoReply

    Lord have mercy,how did she leave the womb with legs like that…….one more reason to keep thanking God for your own beauty

  10. Blessing Ndukwe2 days agoReply

    U will excel

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