Photo Of Underage Girl Who Went To Open Account In Zenith Bank – See What Happen Next

Oh dear! The young lady seems not to be the easily giving up type. One Emasoga Priscilla has shared her experience while trying to open an account with Zenith Bank Nigeria where she was denied because they claimed she’s not up to 18years yet. See her post:

“I went to Zenith Bank yesterday with my Int’l passport to open a savings account, they said I can’t cuz I’m not up to 18. I jejely carry my money to Diamond Bank, and I’m patiently waiting for my account number. Nothing is impossible in Nigeria”

The young lady who wont give up on her quest allegedly headed to Diamond Bank to open the same account, and according to her it’s done already and she’s waiting for her account number.


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  1. author

    Samuel IbeOjo Okoh4 months agoReply


  2. author

    Okoye Mmaduabuchi4 months agoReply

    Lolz….Nigeria ma country,where anythin is possible…hahahaha

  3. author

    Obika Stanley4 months agoReply

    In Nigeria every thing is possible

  4. author

    Solomon Olokodana4 months agoReply

    Nawa oooo, one bank reject, one bank accept. In Nigeria all things are possible

  5. author

    Joshua Mawunyo4 months agoReply

    This one na underage?

  6. author

    Philip Hezekiah4 months agoReply

    nawa oooo maybe zenith no need customer

  7. author

    Awurum Clifford4 months agoReply

    Person wey get money, get international passport, them dey form Shakara

  8. author

    Arinoye Peter4 months agoReply

    Who issue the paspo is the issue here ooo

  9. author

    Philip Hezekiah4 months agoReply

    It surprise me the way some banks run their things ooo, for person own money

  10. author

    Adebayo Abidemi4 months agoReply

    Chai..i know this girl nw

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