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NLC Reacts As DSS Issues Warning Over Planned Nationwide Protest



The leadership of organised labour has slammed the Department of State Services (DSS) over its warning that its proposed protest, scheduled to hold February 27 and 28, should be shelved.

Naija News reported that DSS had warned the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and its counterpart from Trade Union Congress (TUC) to rescind their decision, stating that such actions could exacerbate tensions within the country.

Responding to the DSS, the president of NLC, Joe Ajaero, in a statement on Wednesday, said the movement is unconcerned about the warning, stressing that the secret police should not blackmail the union.

Ajaero expressed worry that DSS is aware of the plot to hijack the peaceful protest but has yet to arrest the element plotting to cause violence.

The labour leader, who described the forthcoming action as a “peaceful protest against the unpardonable cost of living”, stated that the movement would not fold its arms while Nigerians continue to live in hardship because it will be a grievous conspiracy that history will not forgive.


He said, “We are concerned by the unsolicited advice of the Department of State Security to shelve our planned protest against the unprecedented high cost of living in spite of the indescribable suffering in the land, spiralling inflation, deepening poverty and the Naira at an exchange rate of N1,900 to the US Dollar.

“According to the Service, the planned protest should be shelved “in the interest of peace and public order”, pre-supposing that the action is intended to be violent and disruptive even when we have a history of peaceful protests.

“More worrying is the new role the Service has assigned to itself, the chief spokesperson of the government.

“According to the Service, “It is common knowledge that all levels of Government are striving to ameliorate the prevailing economic condition and as such, should be given a benefit of the doubt, So far, appropriate authorities are working assiduously with a spectrum of stakeholders to fashion out modalities to address the current difficulties”.

“We are equally worried that although the “Service is aware that some elements are planning to use the opportunity of the protest to foment crisis and by extension, widespread violence”, and yet have not executed the arrest of these elements.


“We are equally intrigued by the innuendos of the Service, their philosophy of “peace” and wild allegations and we want to reassure them that no one loves this country more than us and on our honour, we would never do anything that will compromise its sovereignty or security.

“Having said this, we would not have ourselves blackmailed or lied against by the Service. Our protest is a peaceful one against the unpardonable cost of living of which the unserviced personnel of the Service are also victims. We cannot fold our hands and pretend all is well. That will be a grievous conspiracy that history will not forgive.”

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