A Nigerian Sarcastically Said Phyno Is Goat Alike, Get In Here To Confirm If He’s Right

Not quite long Phyno a nigerian indigenous rapper shared some stunning photos on instagram. A Nigeria took to Africans largest forum Nairaland sharing the rapper’s recent picture which he sarcastically said the rapper actually looks like a goat…

Dear Nipers, whats your take on this

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  1. author

    DJ Real2 months agoReply

    Huuuuuu speechless, i think phyno need to read this post let hear from him” but i think they are both resemble only color different.

  2. author

    Sobomabo whyte2 months agoReply

    Lol the guy is not right

  3. author

    Martins Timilehin2 months agoReply

    They both resembled

  4. author

    Offor Joshua2 months agoReply

    Kikikiki, people are funny enough.

  5. author

    SULE ELIMELECH2 months agoReply

    hahahahahaha,he doesn’t have a horn,but it very bad to say such a thing.

  6. author

    IBRAHIM SULEIMAN2 months agoReply

    No matter how human being is uncomparable with a goat.

  7. author

    Ndifreke Udo2 months agoReply

    Lol people are so funny

  8. author

    Morakinyo David2 months agoReply

    Hmm, he cannot even disprove it

  9. author

    Ezinne Ajaegbu2 months agoReply

    Haba! Nigerians know how to murder someone with their words…there are clear differences between him and the goat.

  10. author

    Deborah Shaanu2 months agoReply

    The truth, he didn’t lie. He’s goat like

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