Nigerian Lady Writes A Beautiful Poem On Abusive Relationships

A Nigerian lady by name,Maryam Giwa wrote a beautiful poem about abusive relationships titled Walking away on her blog which goes thus;

Today is the day
The day I make hay
Not because the sun still shines
But because I deserve to be fine
Watch,as I draw the line
Our relationship I define
So I pick all that is mine
It is time to walk away.
Just to bring you pleasure
I have put myself under pressure
Even when it brings me displeasure
It makes sense to walk away
Now, I have the exposure
I realize that I am a treasure
So I make the move to ensure
That my happiness has no measure.
Our relationship is toxic
Too toxic that I panic
So I have chosen resilence
Towards the negativity of your presence
I seek independence
To relieve myself of the inconvenience
That comes from your negligence
I have realized my life has its essence
So I walk away
Before I result to violence.
Friendship is not supposed to be forced
Neither should relationship be endured
It is only smart to walk away
From unions that should have been symbiotic
But thrives on being parasitic
Now for all that it’s worth
I need to find my own forte
Settle in my own Haven
Where value is placed on self worth
And I can have a feel of heaven.
This message is not for one
Rather,it is for everyone
With whom I share a relationship
That has limited me and come with hardship
Kinship and partnership
It is time to walk away
Before I sink alongside this ship
I am walking away
From the times I felt alone despite your presence.
I am walking away
From the times you soiled my name in my absence.
I am walking away
From the days of your neglect when I was at my lowest.
I am walking away
From the fake smiles you flash when I am at my highest.
I am walking away
From the times you broke my heart and made me cry.
I am walking away
From you saying I can’t before I got a chance to try.
I am walking away
From your lack of support and negativity.
I am walking away
Towards the path of self development and positivity.

  1. Amakaeliora2 weeks agoReply

    Relationship are meant to cherished nurtured and cared for not abused

  2. Comfort Dauda Iliya2 weeks agoReply

    It really makes sense to walk away sis. Yes walk away, it does not kill and will not either. I love the poem!

  3. Tomi Adebote2 weeks agoReply

    Sometimes, somehow people get into abusive relationship without knowing. This poem as highlighted situations and it true.

  4. Abdulraman mukthar2 weeks agoReply

    A real gentleman will never insult his woman, even as a joke

  5. Skyslark2 weeks agoReply

    Woooow what a nice poem that’s really interesting good dear

  6. Endurance Udeh2 weeks agoReply

    This is real nice. it’s has a lot of message encoded in the lines

  7. Adeleye112 weeks agoReply

    This is a very nice and sensible poem with beautiful message

  8. newthing2 weeks agoReply

    Very interesting story, but to me is like it favour them

  9. Sikirulahi Abdulquadri2 weeks agoReply

    This is a very good article. I love this poem, it makes lots of sense

    • Chokmah Joseph2 weeks ago

      Towards the path of self development and positivity. This is really intelligent

  10. Israel Ebhodaghe2 weeks agoReply

    Very nice poem. These are the real slay queen not the ones that about chasing or looking for rich guys.

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