Nigeria Vs Cameroon: Player Ratings ( You Won’t Believe The Man Of The Match)

A fantastic performance from the Super Eagles. Embarrassed the African champions to the utter shock of everyone.

Started slowly with Cameroun calling the shots for the first 15 minutes before Eagles got into the game and got one of their best results in two decades.

Anyway, here is how the individual players performed.

Fantastic saves. Uncommon confidence. Good entertainment. When you consider the fact that the jeeper at the other end was the keeper that was in post for the Ajax team that got to Europa final just last year, you have to give the home-based Nigerian kudos. 8/10

The former (?) Kano Pillars player who plays can also play as a DM did good job as a left back and like he is gotten the shirt for keeps. Good use of ball. Good connection with the Genk man at the right wing with him. Good game. 7/10

Age catching up in him but decent performance. Didn’t help attack much but did a decent job in defence. Did a couple of stoppages, but can do better in speed. 5/10

Onazi was left at the front of the back 4 while the other DM, Ndidi, played deeper into the midfield, for the bettet part of the game. Hard marking as usual, even though a couple of missteps. Pushed forward ince and got the assist for the final goal. 6/10


Initially struggled with the attack of the Indomitable lions, with a couple of slips. Lucky not to have given away a goaling the opening minutes. Later picked up. Good job in defence to stop Vincent Abubakar and the daring attavk of the Lions. 6/10

Leon combined well with Ekong to stop the admittedly ineffectively attack of the men from Cameroun. Looked like the better of the two central defenders. Neat job too. 7/10

Was largely anonymous in the first half. Not able to do his trademark tricks, but a moment of brilliance from him got the Nigerian team the thirsd goal. 6/10

Alongside Mikel, ruled the midfield. Tried pushing forward a couple of times too. Good support for Mikel. 7/10

I was initially worried by the way he was pocketed by the Camerounian defenders and was second-guessing the one-man attack system. But he scored a typical number 9 goal – chance comes, take it. Good work in cutting the Camerounian defender and world class finish. Good work in selking dummy to the two Camerounian markers for the second goal too. His breaking the duck helped bring SE back into the game. 8/10


Well, again, showed class. A goal and an assist, and the initiator of the attack that got another goal, what else can one ask for. Clearly showed the France-based Camerounian midfielders he wasn’t rheir mate. Good leadership too. 9/10.

Another class display. Proved he was a senior man. Missed one or two scorin chancea but his goal and overall contribution cannot be donwplayed. He and Mikel were clearly the moat creative on the field. Little wonder the team went almost flat again after the exit of the duo. 8/10


Good positioning to score the final goal. 6/10

Tried his best to continue where Mikel stopped. Not bad in control of the midfield. 6/10

Unrated. Not seen.

Good job. Great selection, especially with cjoice of keeper and starting Mikel and benching Musa and Iheanacho, which many coaches may not have done. 8/10


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