What Nigeria Government Failed To Do (Photos)

The US Army is in Texas and Florida helping hurricane victims. That is what I expect the Nigerian Army to do in Benue , where 100,000 families have been rendered homeless by flood, not doing a ‘Show of Force’ in a place that is need of persuasion not threats.

Four days ago suspected herdsmen killed 20 people in Ancha village in Miango district of Jos. If the army wanted to do a ‘show of force’, that would have been a good place to start. It makes no sense to do a show of force in a peaceful community when you have violence prone communities all over Nigeria. Since when did the dictionary definition of intimidation change to ‘show of force’?

Please let us call a spade a spade and not a big spoon.

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  1. author

    JEREMIAH EFEKODO2 months agoReply

    Nigeria for you

  2. author

    Temitope Ogunsola2 months agoReply

    we would be saved one day, what a country

  3. author

    Godwin Okpe2 months agoReply

    This isn’t patriotic.

  4. author

    Martins Timilehin2 months agoReply

    This is wicked

  5. author

    GODWIN ADAWARE2 months agoReply

    Nigeria for you

  6. author

    Blessing Olayiwola2 months agoReply

    not even moved

  7. author

    Ajoku perpetual2 months agoReply

    Jesus have mercy on our country Nigeria

  8. author

    morgan moses2 months agoReply

    That’s what happens when a nation has misplaced priorities

  9. author

    Chinedu Remigus2 months agoReply

    Nija for u

  10. author

    Anonymous2 months agoReply

    Welcome home

    • author

      Monday ichigboja2 months ago

      Nigeria for u

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