NGO urges FG to strengthen legislation on emissions control, monitoring

The Environmental Advancement Initiatives, an NGO, on Wednesday urged the Federal Government to strengthen legislation on emissions control and monitoring to achieve maximum compliance in industrial productions processes and the transportation sector.

The NGO’s National Coordinator, Mr Habib Omotosho, gave the advice in an interview with newsmen in Abuja.

Omotosho said such legislation would assist in scaling up climate action to achieve the global transformation required to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

“Nigeria needs to learn from developed nations as they are switching from emitting to non carbon emitting technologies such as electric cars and other renewable energy options.’’

“Government needs to set standards for the production and/or importation of home appliances that emit.’’

The national coordinator stressed the need to take carbon out of the power sector by phasing out coal and increasing the use of renewable energy worldwide.

“To secure a healthy and sustainable future for our children, there is need to support the urgent global transition to a zero-carbon society, underpinned by a bio-material-based sustainable economy.

“Providing a climate-safe future promises multiple benefits today such as cleaner air, energy security and sustainable jobs, along with smart stewardship of the planet’s resources,’’ he said.



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  1. author

    Sunday Abama2 months agoReply

    Great to knw

  2. author

    Adekola Folakemi2 months agoReply

    We really have to learn….. Knowledge is important

  3. author

    christian nwafor2 months agoReply

    Good adivce i pray d fg put it into consideration

  4. author

    JEREMIAH EFEKODO2 months agoReply

    the emissions are very harmful… there is need for proper monitoring

  5. author

    Sunday Oyewole2 months agoReply

    Nice one federal govt

  6. author

    love Owhor2 months agoReply

    good for federal government

  7. author

    Happiness Ugochi2 months agoReply

    Good information.

  8. author

    Obalakun Rokeeb2 months agoReply

    Well said. Thump up.

  9. author

    Tania Donald2 months agoReply

    We need to learn, knowledge is wealth

  10. author

    Awurum Clifford2 months agoReply

    It’s very important, the federal government needs to act fast

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