Name The Bad Habits You Have Been Trying To Stop

Everyone has his own bad habits that he has been trying by all means to stop but couldn’t help it.

Let me list few of my bad habit’s cheesy
I am addicted to internet i am always online surfing the internet.
Also i find it difficult to stop eavesdropping, i always like to hear what is not meant for me to hear . Double dating is also a bad habit that i can’t just quit in a blink of an eye.

If i did something wrong at home i can’t come out boldly to say i am the one that did it, i can still recall some years back i used my Dad’s expensive perfume and i mistakenly dropped it and it broke i quietly left the room without him knowing it, till now he didn’t know i am the one that broke it, because i find it hard to confess. But i just did in here.

I am not punctual in whatever i am doing, i don’t sleep early and i always wake up late.

I easily trust people that i hardly know.

some years back i used to steal meat from my mummy’s pot of soup, but now i have stopped grin

Nipers, what are your bad habits grin grin share yours

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83 Replies to “Name The Bad Habits You Have Been Trying To Stop”

    1. Common? Every body has at least one bad habit. Unless you are lying to yourself

  1. I have been trying to do away with these habits: Hatred, Anger, malice, indecision, lie. I m trusting God to help me.

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