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My friend’s hubby is hot!

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Dear Bunmi,

I think I’ve fallen for a friend’s husband, which I know is really bad. I’ve been with my husband for 10 years and things came to a head two nights ago when we went to a party they were hosting. He is a friendly guy and enjoys the company of women and I think his attentive nature has gotten to me as he always makes a fuss of me, which I really like.


While I was watching him at the party, I realised I really fancied him and I started to fantasise about him. I feel awful because he’s my friend’s husband and somehow, I need to stop thinking about him.

But every time I try to move on, he seems to turn up or we bump into him. To make matters worse, his wife is now being cool with me. I think she suspects. How do I walk away from this and forget him once and for all?

Dear Molade,

In this game of yours, there are no winners – but plenty of losers. If you really don’t want anything to happen, it won’t. You haven’t suggested this man has reciprocated your feelings so it should not be difficult to get a grip on yourself and put this nonsense behind you.

Often, we don’t place high enough value on our friends. An affair with your friend’s man is the ultimate betrayal- and a sure way to destroy a great friendship and two marriages. Look at improving your love and commitment with the man you married and get this fantasy of your friend’s man out of your head.


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