“my Life Before And After Leaving Zenith Bank Plc”


Before I joined the bank in year 2008 via people plus I was a jobless associate degree holder. A friend thar we went to school together introduced me to the bank he asked me to apply as he was gained fully employed in that bank as at then. I packaged my application and submitted. My friend did all the internal follow up and my name was shortlisted among the invitee for the entrance test.
My friend had told me that the test was usually Mathematics and computer as I was applying for the post of system administrator.
I brushed up my mathematics skill once more and played around with computer. On the day of the test we were many and I was beginning to develop a cold feet when I saw people with big books and all that. I only held my Biro and my phone .
I was lucky to be among the first set that were called in at falomo branch of ZENITH bank.
The result came out and I was number second on the list the very first guy scored 100%
while I scored 90+
We were latter scheduled for interviews first, second and third .
I scaled through by God grace and the offer letter was given.
As I received the letter I knew within me that level has changed.
I started working around February 2008 at the zenith height. I was latter posted to Ilupeju to understudy a system admin in the branch. and know how to provide first level IT support.
All along the first thing that was ringing in my head was how do I become a graduate?
So I got info about UNN distant learning I obtained the form and I was given admission like a fresh man from college. I started from 100 level. When some of my colleagues heard about it they were like they can not start a degree program from 100 level after their OND certificate or HND. I just moved on.
I really enjoyed my work in zenith bank as a system administrator. I had plenty of time to study and research for my study and I was glad I made the best used of it. As I was doing my program I was saving money aside for the purpose of project as well.
I benefited from the payment of upfront which they usually pay every year. It was supposed to cater for accommodation
But trust me my rent was very far from that amount. I rented one very small room around akoka side which was 50k per year. So I had a lot to save from my upfront to do other things.
The time I hate most in zenith bank was when I was transferred from mainland to island falomo round about branch. Waking up early to beat third mainland hold up was hell,Spending hours in traffic while coming back home was horror too.
Anyway I was latter transferred to mainland Akoka branch where I used to trek from my house to office. It was really the kind of Lagos life I prayed for I really enjoyed myself,the work and my study.
Fast forward to 2011. I was in my final year of my study and the current CBN governor became the MD of Zenith Bank due to Sanusi reform and policy. Jim Ovia had to resign.
Emefiele discovered that system admin were not really doing much and economic was not smiling then as well. He finalized plan to get rid of all the system administrators The plan was effected July 25th 2011. About 400 system admin were laid off. I was given 400k as my end of service benefit. Though the thing pained me as I get plenty others plan in my head to do after graduation. But deep down in me I knew the bank had taken the right decision.
leaving zenith bank was very hard on me but life must go on I managed to finish up my program strongly
By God grace and Hard work I graduated with second class upper. The building project I was doing stopped. I could not really believed that I was on the street again looking for Job.
I firstly got a job in computer village with a salary of 15k and transport fees each day was like 400. I managed to work for a month. Fast forward to 2012 I got another bank Job as a teller contract staff. I did this for good 4 years and as God will have it management decided to migrate contract staff with BSc certificate to full staff. By God grace I passed the qualifying test and interview and today I am using my bsc degree to work in a bank with better condition of work. Looking back to the years I spent in zenith bank I always give glory to God cause it’s appear like zenith bank sent me to school. Though I am not working there today I still love zenith bank plc may God bless the bank. And UNN.
Sorry for the long Epistle!!!.

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