Let’s Get Honest: Would You Ever Have a s*x-tape

Making a  s*x tape with bae has become a popular relationship trend, as a matter of we know some people who have become quite famous after having a s*x tape which somehow leaked.

So, bae asks if you could make a s*x tape, would you oblige?


  1. Anonymous2 weeks agoReply

    Nope, never! Not even with my husband, what’s the tape for?

  2. Tobiloba012 weeks agoReply

    Not at all, I think that is the best thing a foolish person could do

  3. Sobomabo whyte2 weeks agoReply

    I will never even if i am a married person

  4. Olasaheed0072 weeks agoReply

    A rational human being can never think like that for a sec

  5. ojodomo77912 weeks agoReply

    No way, that is insane. Famous People with leaked tapes are only famous among their kind.

  6. Djbest2 weeks agoReply

    with all this news of leaked tape, i will never have one
    most famous people have been blackmail by it

  7. Samuel Olawale2 weeks agoReply

    Never! I have always criticized those who do that and I will always do cos it’s absolutely bad and wrong

  8. Will Mic2 weeks agoReply

    If course I’d money is involved. All this times I’ve been hiding to do it how much has it added to my life?

  9. Adeyemi Simeon seun2 weeks agoReply

    No, God forbid I don’t need it,very irritating to me.

  10. babatunde Ojelabi2 weeks agoReply

    i won’t even try it with anybody, it is not a good thing at all………..

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