Lady vows to keep her virginity even in life and death situation



Nigerian lady stuns many as she shares her unwavering decision to keep her virginity if it becomes a matter of life and death.

The young lady aired her opinion on a podcast episode of Join the Cruise and a snippet was shared to their Tiktok page, @jointhecruise.

She admitted that keeping her virginity is just a matter of morals for her and not that she actually values the virginity.

In fact, she states that under the right conditions, she would likely give it up.

The young lady who is keeping her virginity.

However, when it comes to a situation of life and death, she would rather die than lose it.

Her reason being that the scenario of life and death is not a valid enough reason for her give her virginity up.


She claims whoever gets her virginity in a life or death situation would forever get to control her and she doesn’t want that.

The remaining participants on the show were quite shocked at her answer and did not hesitate to express their confusion at her statement.

Watch the video below


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