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Lady gets dumped by boyfriend for defending Saida Boj



Lady leaks chat as she gets dumped by her boyfriend for speaking in defense of the controversial influencer, Saida Boj.

It would be recalled that an uproar was set off on social media after the media personality made some rather controversial remarks during her outing on the Honest Bunch podcast.

saida boj lady dumped defending saida boj lady dumped defending

Amongst other things said, she had opined that a lady ought to bill a man 24 hours after meeting him; that men are cheap and not scarce at all; she had also spoken about how happy she feels when a lady divorces her husband.

This and other remarks had earned her the fury of some social media users who caused her to lose all her social media pages.

saida boj lady dumped defending saida boj lady dumped defending A guy who was having a discussion with his girlfriend, a TikToker known as @somi_blaze__, was telling her about how he gifted his mother some money.

The boyfriend stated that it was better that way than giving it to some random Instagram chick who wants to be paid for intimacy.


Somehow Saida Boj’s name popped up while they were arguing and the lady tried defending her by noting that Saida is just a content creator.

According to the girlfriend, Saida is good at creating contents to rile men up, but might not be engaging in such activities in real life.

Her boyfriend blasted her for this and shamed her for defending Saida.

He angrily ended their relationship and asked her to date women since she is so much in love with with them.

“POV: you become single for defending Saida Boj,” she captioned a screenshot of their chats.


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