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Lady accuses boyfriend of cheating, tears up after finding what kept him busy



A young Nigerian lady narrates how she once falsely accused her boyfriend of cheating only for him to reply with the burden on his shoulders that got her in tears.

A social media user identified as @TokyosBite took to the microblogging platform, X, to share an experience that made her softer towards men.

According to the lady, she had accused her man of cheating after he failed to send her a goodnight text like he normally does.

Out of frustration, the man replied, sharing a video of himself at work while condemning the lady for being unnecessarily dramatic and acting unkind towards him.

In her words;


“One time I accused my ex of being with someone else cos he didn’t text me earlier and I was about going to bed. Then he made a video of himself at work, stating the time of the night and how he had so much to deal with, in his exact words he said “you’re in your house, on your bed, you had a three square meal and I’ve been out all day grinding my ass, and this is all you have to say to me? Things I didn’t wanna hear”. He sent that video and I broke into tears…

In all honesty, if you become a man’s peace he’d adore you. They go through a lot and as a young man in our generation, peace is a big deal for them.

I apologized to him, asked for space and later gave reasons why we shouldn’t be together anymore, even though we kept trying.”

Lady accuses boyfriend of cheating, tears up after finding what kept him busy

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