Kano Gov’t Bans Kannywood Movies Promoting Thuggery, Cross Dressing

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In response to mounting community complaints regarding the portrayal of thuggery and cross-dressing in films, the Executive Secretary of the Kano State Films and Censorship Board, Abba El-Mustapha, has issued a directive to suspend and prohibit all such cinematic productions across Kano State.

The decision was communicated through a press release signed by the media officer of the State’s Censorship Board, Abdullah Sani Sulaiman.

The Board’s directive came shortly after a meeting between senior staff of the Kano Film Censorship Board and representatives of the Kannywood.

Citing the authority vested in the Board by extant laws, El-Mustapha emphasised the need to curtail films deemed contradictory to the cultural values of the State.

“It is high time we put a stop to this sort of films that corrupt the morals of the Kano people,” remarked El-Mustapha.

El-Mustapha extended appreciation to the people of Kano State for their vigilance in reporting any content perceived to be at odd with cultural and Islamic principles.

He affirmed his commitment to maintaining an open-door policy for advice and suggestions, emphasising the importance of continued collaboration between the government and the populace in safeguarding cultural integrity and values.

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