I’m Proud to Pay my Tithes- D’Banj, Daddy Freeze Responds

In another chapter of the tithing carousel, Daddy Freeze and Koko master D’banj find themselves on the opposite ends of the conversation.

During the mega 40th birthday bash for Nollywood queen, Omotola Jalade, D’Banj who was performing took his chance to tell Freeze who was also in attendance in very certain terms that he is a proud tither.

D’Banj said to Freeze, “I pay my tithe and I’m proud I pay and I don’t care what they do with it”.

Freeze has been vocal about his stance against tithing in Nigerian churches as he is of the belief that it isn’t put to the use it should and that it instead funds the lavish, celebrity lifestyles of some pastors.

Freeze, in usual form, had a response.

He took to his Instagram page to say;

You appreciate my opinion, thank you and I extend you the same courtesy.

However, you can’t say you don’t care what the tithe is being used for, that’s wrong!

It’s why Nigeria, that produced the most PEOPLE LIVING IN EXTREME POVERTY on earth, according to www.worldpoverty.io also produced the WORLDS RICHEST PASTORS according to Forbes, it doesn’t add up!

Pastors are disobeying Christ by building schools with TITHE MONEY, yet poor church members can’t attend, in contrast to Teachings of Jesus who instructed us to love one our neighbors as ourselves, this he said is the THE GREATEST COMMANDMENT: MAT22-37-40 These same pastors in their uttermost hypocrisy are telling us to OBEY MALACHI WHILE THEY DISOBEY JESUS!

Nigeria with a population of less than 200 million, has 82.8million people living in extreme poverty, far more than India with a population of 1.3billion which has only 81.5 million poor people.

Tithe is not, was not and will NEVER be a part of Christianity.

Jesus never collected tithes, The disciples and apostles never collected tithes either.

Jesus NEVER collected first fruit offering either…. our first pastors the disciple and apostles didn’t collect it.

It’s a curse to obey ‘ tithe’ and ‘first fruit’ under the law and disobey the rest of the law of moses.

Moses brought the law, but Jesus Christ brought grace and truth.- John 1:17.

Tithing is not of grace. It is of the law.- Matthew 23:23.
___ ◄ Galatians 3:10 ►

For all who rely on the works of the law are under a curse, as it is written: “Cursed is everyone who does not continue to do everything written in the Book of the Law.”
___ ◄ Galatians 5 ►

[1] So Christ has truly set us free. Now make sure that you stay free, and don’t get tied up again in slavery to the law. [4] For if you are trying to make yourselves right with God by keeping the law, you have been cut off from Christ! You have fallen away from God’s grace.

Source – Herald


  1. Samuel Olawale2 weeks agoReply

    Kudos to you Koko Master. Don’t mind that fake man. We do not need to bother about what the tithes are being used for, just pay your tithes

    • Ariajiegbe Marvelous2 weeks ago

      The man is sending a message to Nigerians tithing is not supose to be part of Christian worship

    • frank akobundu1 week ago

      Tithes all depends on your wallet size, if you have spare money to pay tithe, you can go ahead it all depends dude!.

    • KingKalu1 week ago

      Your religion in totality is a very fake one. Made just to deprive the poor of money, and make the rich richer.

  2. Igwe Samson2 weeks agoReply

    Nawao! That’s my problem with these people that collect money from poor people and use it to establish empire which wil not be of any help to d people who contributed d money.

    • KingKalu1 week ago

      LOL. I think all pastors do that too, it’s their way.

  3. Olasaheed0072 weeks agoReply

    Kudos to daddy freeze I really like his replies to that statement

    • KingKalu1 week ago

      Yeah, I am also . happy that the eyes of people are opening.

    • KingKalu1 week ago

      Concerning this fake thing called religion, one has to be very careful.

  4. Abraham Eguaoje2 weeks agoReply

    That’s why he remains blessed. Tithing is a form of sowing that produces result

    • KingKalu1 week ago

      And where is the evidence that tithing works? zero. There’s nothing to prove it.

  5. Ayodele Agbelu2 weeks agoReply

    Astonishing words from daddy freeze.the tithes can be used as charity as the European does.

    • KingKalu1 week ago

      Even Europeans these days use these so-called tithes for their enrichment, the whole thing is fake.

  6. Samuel DANISON2 weeks agoReply

    It is necessary for a serious debate to be deliberated upon in this issue to finally put it to rest. The way things are going, irreparable division may be caused in the Christiandom if nothing is done now. That is if the gulf has not already been created.

  7. Oluwatosin Enijuni2 weeks agoReply

    Brother Dbanj please continue paying it…. There’s a day of reckoning. The clouds are gathered now, soon it will begin to rain….

  8. Promise Nwankwo2 weeks agoReply

    son of bishop David Oyedpo
    why must he not pay his tithe

  9. Anonymous2 weeks agoReply

    Are you not tired of all this @Freeze, you would soon fade out

    • KingKalu1 week ago

      Your pastors are the ones who are going to fade out very soon.

    • KingKalu1 week ago

      More and more sensible people will keep coming every day.

  10. johnpee2 weeks agoReply

    Paying of tithe should not be conditional. Pay your tithe faithfully and leave the rest for God! You don’t ‘ve to be inquisitive to know what happen to your tithe, leave it for God alone to do.

    • KingKalu1 week ago

      And how are you certain this god you’re paying tithes to actually exists?

    • KingKalu1 week ago

      Here is the reality, you’re paying tithes to pastors to enrich themselves, that’s all.

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