I Have Converted Over 3,000 Women Into Lesbianism – Woman Makes Shocking Confession

After mastering the lesbian act in Senior High School, a woman has confessed how she has converted thousands of ladies into lesbianism, and satisfied lots of rich single women.

The woman who made the revelations

While speaking during a program on Adom TV in Ghana, a 45-year-old chronic lesbian identified as Janet ofori, revealed that she has been able to convert more than 3,000 women and still counting to reach her target.

According to multiple online reports, the woman said after mastering the lesbian act in Senior High School, she has been able to satisfy lots of rich single women and that she could sleep with about 10 women in a day.

According to her, some of her clients are ministers in government and MPs including some radio presenters. 

Janet who also said that lesbianism, as described by many Ghanaians as evil, is never stated anywhere in the bible.

She said, “Were you there, when God created Adam and Eve and you will come and tell me that, God made Adam and Eve to marry? And who says being a lesbian is wrong, show me where it is stated in the bible.”


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  1. author

    Uduakobong Udofa6 days agoReply

    Satanic agent.

  2. author

    Muhammed Solih6 days agoReply

    May God punish her

  3. author

    Ezekiel Ihejika5 days agoReply

    We Christians have a lot to do in the body of Christ.

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