I Can’t Marry A Man Who Earns N200k Or Less – Singer Toby Grey

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Tobi Grey, in a new interview, has declared that she cannot get married to a man who earns N200,000 or less.

In a new interview with Broadway TV, when asked the question, Tobi Grey said;

“Well, yeah if that’s not his only business.*winks”.

She went further to say;

“if we are going to end up getting married, then that’s not good enough, I’m so sorry, I’m not materialistic but this is just reality, it’s the fact, I mean if we are going to have like 10 kids your 200,000 won’t cut it, so no! Except you have other businesses.”

The singer also revealed that she once kissed a man with mouth odour, and she’d do it again, rather than walking out on a music deal.

See the video below;

[embedded content]

source: Gistreel


  1. Derick T H2 weeks agoReply

    Ok oooo, I know your type na… It’s not your fault but where yo lu found yourself decieds for you

  2. Tonysuccess2 weeks agoReply

    people have different choice and there are many class you chose where to play

  3. Joseph Omojevwe2 weeks agoReply

    I hope she is a wife material bcus such women are not good for wife

  4. Uneneze Daniel2 weeks agoReply

    hmmm..is quit funi..if you re lookin for a man DAT earns millions,go for Yahoo boys den.may be you re not just ready to settle dwn

  5. Bright4u2 weeks agoReply

    Lol ok nah go and find a millions earne oh

  6. godlyfaith2 weeks agoReply

    You don’t seem to understand what marriage is all about, please go back to the basic of marriage.

  7. Samuel Olawale2 weeks agoReply

    What many of those girls don’t know is that money isn’t everything

  8. Aniebiet Ita2 weeks agoReply

    Fake girls every where
    Always eyeing big big things .
    God help u

  9. Comfort Dauda Iliya2 weeks agoReply

    Guess she is marrying the money not the man. okay ooooo

  10. Nnaemeka Ozoemena2 weeks agoReply

    And who even want to settle down with a public toilet like you. See the way you are dressed exposing the little things you have. How many jobs have you created that pays more than 20k monthly talk more of 200k. If you can’t marry such a man, nobody is begging you. You have all the right in the world to grow old in your fathers house.

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