I can marry a poor man only on one condition — Toby Grey

By Ayo Onikoyi

Women, all over the world come with various great needs. And more often than not, they require support from the opposite s*x. This, and many other reasons, may be why most of them won’t settle for a poor man but budding singer, Toby Grey, born Tobiloba Mariam Adeyemi, who recently featured 9ice and Skales on her latest single ‘Konibaje’ has a different perspective.

Toby Grey
Toby Grey

According to her in a chat with  Potpourri: Being rich is not all about money. She posits that she can marry a poor man who has no money but rich in other areas.

“You know a rich man can be poor in knowledge and money is not something that people cannot have. Knowledge or let me say commonsense is something that is really hard to acquire. If he is poor in commonsense, then it’s a NO but if he is poor in money, it doesn’t mean he can’t be rich in money. So, of course I can marry a poor man if he is very rich in every other thing,” she quips.

To her, what is most important in a romantic relationship goes beyond s*x and explains what matters most to her.

“If the partners are not in it for a long term relationship, then the goal is a bit dicey. If it’s not for the long term, many people will choose s*x and money because it’s temporal.

But if it’s for the long term and you are planning to get married to this person, then love is the most important thing because at the end of the day when everything fades, the only thing you will have left is the love and the friendship you started with. I learnt that from my parents. At the end of the day, love fades but friendship remains.

I even think you are missing something; it should be love, friendship, s*x or money. Friendship is the most important thing to me,” she says.


  1. Mubarak Abdulmumin Ahmad1 month agoReply

    What a nice thing,friendship is all that matters. If you and your husband doesn’t behave like friends, things will be bad.

  2. Sunday Oyewole1 month agoReply

    Well, everybody has his or her choice. I wish u well my Lady

  3. mohammed olawale1 month agoReply

    Nice quote from gentle lady everything can be fade at the ending of the day but friendships can’t fade.

  4. Akorede Yinka1 month agoReply

    You know a rich man can be poor in knowledge and money is not something that people cannot have.
    Shut up jhor and stop the nonsense

    • Chizoba Okafor1 month ago

      Mayb u shld marry an idiot or a fool or an inbecile who has money will u b content den

  5. Adesugba Joshua oluwafemi1 month agoReply

    that’s nice of her u really make a good point that is what other girls don’t know

  6. Muhammedsanni Ozigi Abubakar1 month agoReply

    Wat an intelligent piece of reasoning, it take someone wit a third eye to see Wat she s trying to say

  7. Kelechi Okehie1 month agoReply

    Very rare to hear such encouraging comments from a lady. I hope this is not for the pages of the newspaper. If it is, then other ladies should take leave…

  8. Osondu Ekennia1 month agoReply

    what ever has happened over this matter mus have reasons

  9. Ovokenye Ariakpomu1 month agoReply

    seriously I am hearing this for the first time from a celebrity I thought they were usually gold diggers

  10. Blessing Ajibogwu1 month agoReply

    I totally agree!… If your head is not working you are poor!

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