1. author

    Augustine Chikwadon6 days agoReply

    Hope it did not hurt anybody.

  2. author

    Sunday Abama6 days agoReply

    It big ooo

  3. author

    Sunday Oyewole6 days agoReply

    Terrible news it is

    • author

      Mod (Author)6 days ago

      How is that terrible bros?

  4. author

    Adekola Folakemi6 days agoReply

    Very big

  5. author

    Blessing Olayiwola6 days agoReply

    very big and scary

  6. author

    Nnakwu Prince6 days agoReply

    That’s so huge

  7. author

    JEREMIAH EFEKODO6 days agoReply

    it’s huge though not strange to me because I have seen more of this

  8. author

    Ojineme Godwin6 days agoReply

    huge.. but when will Nigerians stop killing all this poor creations.. am afraid in the nearest future… all of them are gonna go to extinct

  9. author

    love Owhor6 days agoReply

    you try thank God it did not hot any body

  10. author

    christian nwafor6 days agoReply

    Wow! Wow it is very big

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