How Pasuma Intends To Fulfill The Dreams Of A Blind Boy Is Heartwarming

Remember the physically-challenged boy that recently went viral in a video in which he gave captivating rendition of different lines from the songs of the popular fuji musician, Pasuma?

Pasuma has now reached out to the boy with a promise to providing succour to the promising visually-impaired fan in many aspects of life

The fuji superstar, who recently had his 50th birthday celebration that was marked by a legion of fans in Nigeria, London and other parts of the world, stated that just as he alloted a moment to visit orphanages and gave generously to the less-privileged in the society as parts of the activities to mark his golden jubilee, he has renewed commitment to the cause of the needy as one of his resolutions in the new age.

Baasit Rahman, the visually-impaired singer, caught the attention of many Nigerians in the viral video with his enchanting voice and dexterity with the two sticks that he deployed to produced beats for the fuji songs

Here is the video:

Basit is quite entertaining !!!!! … #fun #music

A post shared by Wasiu Alabi Pasuma (@officialpasuma) on Jan 11, 2018 at 8:45am PST

source: Instagram


  1. Thomas Aluu1 week agoReply

    This is nice

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    very good

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    Good of u

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    Good,that will make me like Pasuma a bit

  8. Jacob Ebije1 week agoReply

    God bless ut kind of heart

  9. Anonymous1 week agoReply

    God bless you Baba Wasila

  10. Tomi Adebote1 week agoReply

    We need people like this.

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