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Ghanaian man buried in plane-shaped coffin



A late Ghanaian man who wished to be a pilot was buried in a plane-shaped coffin, and a video of the event has been made available on social media, sparking discussions.

This is revealed in a video that has attracted thousands of likes, a few comments, and thousands of shares.

Ghanaian man who wished to be a pilot buried in plane-shaped coffin
Ghanaian man who wished to be a pilot buried in plane-shaped coffin.

The video shows a huge coffin shaped like a plane.

Various comments suggest that the man who aspired to become a pilot was buried in a plane-shaped coffin after his death.

One comment reads: ‘Hypriest: The man wanted to become a pilot ooooo.’


Meanwhile, many other individuals suggested different reasons in the comment section for why the man was buried in a plane-shaped coffin.

See some reactions below:

80_GUNTRUCKS☠️⚠️☣️: “To rest in peace in Ghana is very difficult.”

New Edubiase MP: “Is that not the pilot in aviator 🤣🤣😂.”

Boss Bonsu: “flying to heaven straight with Kantanka air.”


Movement: “they said he used community contributions to fly aviator and they chop him then he died out of heart attack.”

💎🌹🏧BECCA💧🧿 WOODS🇺🇸: “are u expecting me to cry wen I attend dx funeral 😂.”

excoba2024: “This one de3 CALL TO FLYING instead of CALL TO GLORY 😂😂😂.”

Kiki Poundz: “Where is the coffin flying to please the person who did it can solve Ghana problems.”

Ataapatra: “You see this is the kind of funeral I can’t attend, instead of crying I will be laughing 😂😂😂.”


Antoine Fleming: “An upside down ceiling fan on a casket sitting on four folding chairs……!”



Eii! Ghanaian are doing some see casket #tiktok #viral #casket #funeral #woodart

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