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Funmi Awelewa calls out Entertainment Company over false claims about Sisi Quadri’s death



Nollywood actress Funmi Awelewa has taken to her Instagram to blast an entertainment company for allegedly spreading false information about the late actor, Sisi Quadri, who recently passed away.

Funmi Awelewa accused the company of using Sisi Quadri’s death to gain attention and clout.

The controversy began when the entertainment company claimed that Sisi Quadri was awaiting approval for his US Visa before his untimely demise.

Funmi Awelewa.

According to their statement, the actor’s visa had just been approved when the news of his sudden death surfaced.

In a subsequent post, the company announced that they would be dedicating an upcoming event to mourn the late actor.


However, Funmi Awelewa, who shared a close relationship with the deceased actor, vehemently denied the claims made by the entertainment company.

Funmi Awelewa asserted that Quadri had neither visited the embassy nor had any plans to obtain a US visa before his death.

Funmi Awelewa alongside late Sisi Quadri

She expressed her frustration on Instagram, calling the company’s actions unfair and disrespectful to the mourning family.

In her Instagram post, Funmi Awelewa urged the entertainment company to stop spreading lies and deceiving their followers.

She emphasized that Sisi Quadri was not just a colleague but also her family, brother, and blood, allowing her access to credible information about him.

In her words;


“Respect yourself, sir. I have all proof”.

“The fact that I’m aiming towards building a scandal-free name and I’ve been quiet for a lil period doesn’t mean I’m a fool.
Let’s respect the Dead and stop this b#llshit

You Dey shift event wey non of the applicants never enter embassy go face consular officer.

FYI: Sisi Quadri isn’t just my colleague but Blood from Iwo town. He is my family, my brother and my colleague
Don’t forget I’m also aware of everything.

Chase your fvking clout with Sense Sir!


RIP Egbon mi, Ifemi, Enikeji, Alabaro mi”.

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