Former SSS Director Begs FG, Military to Stop Operation Python Dance

The former Director of the State Security Service (SSS), Mr Mike Ejiofor has called on the Federal Government and the military to put a stop to the military operation set up in the South East and code-named Operation Python Dance.    

Ejiofor, speaking on Channels Television Breakfast Programme, Sunrise Daily, expressed worry over the consequence of the military operation saying, it may lead the country into serious national trouble.

“It is a very worrying and disturbing situation. Operation Python dance has a grave consequence to our national security. My fears are that, if these situations are not checked now, it can conflagrate into a more serious national security situation.

“The military, I appeal, I am not giving an order must withdraw in the interest of peace. In the interest of peace, that dance of the military must stop.

“That dance is not necessary, it is uncalled for and I am using this opportunity to appeal to the military authorities and the Federal Government to stop that dance. That dance is not necessary,” he said.

Ejiofor expressed more worries at the code-name of the operation emphasising that a python is a dangerous animal and naming a military operation after such is not conciliatory.

He said, “Let’s look at it, Operation Python Dance, what is a python? A Python looks at its victim, suffocates the victim before it swallows it. That is not conciliatory at all.

“At this stage of our national life when we have a lot of security challenge, we should try and see how we can solve some of the problems instead of adding more to our problems.”

The military started Operation Python Dance, last year in the South East with the aim of ridding the region of criminals and other activities threatening the security of the area.

Last week, it announced plans for another second phase of the operation and code-named it Operation Python Dance II. However, this military operation in the region has given members of the public, including the Ohanaeze a cause for concern.

The security consultant, Ejiofor also expressed disagreement with the decision of the Nigerian army to take over Nnamdi Kanu’s residence in Abia State and appealed to the Nigerian army to let peace reign in the country.

He said, “The army, going to confront Kanu with his group is going to throw us into serious problems. I witnessed the civil war, no country survives a second civil war. We must do everything to avoid this.”


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  1. author

    kingsley nnadi2 months agoReply

    they should not even stop now oooo!!!!! they should just continue what they started

  2. author

    Sunday Oyewole2 months agoReply

    He must have his reasons

    • author

      Emioge Oghenethoja2 months ago

      yes na

  3. author

    JEREMIAH EFEKODO2 months agoReply

    but I thought burutai said dey are going because of rampage of kidnappers ?

  4. author

    IBRAHIM SULEIMAN2 months agoReply

    Hope its noted by FG

  5. author

    Obalakun Rokeeb2 months agoReply

    Well said.

  6. author

    love Owhor2 months agoReply

    they should stop it oo

  7. author

    Uzoije Ezenwoko Wisdom2 months agoReply


  8. author

    Badmus Jelili2 months agoReply

    This is unfair to Nigeria government, this man is really saying the truth, They should leave this people alone and go and dance that python dance for maiduguri

  9. author

    Effiong Akpan2 months agoReply

    War, when it breaks out, is never a palatable scene. Damages, lost of lives and hardship associated with war can never be quantified. Those who have witnessed it once will never want to witness it a second time. It is, therefore, my opinion that the Federal Government should do every thing possible to withdraw the military presence in Abia State to avert violence that may lead to a war situation. I am not agitating for war, but a situation where soldiers are drafted to a place for whatever reason, is never friendly. Abia State situation should please be handled with caution.

  10. author

    Sunday Abama2 months agoReply

    Why will u went him to stop it..

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