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"Fathers Should Also Be Appreciated Like Mothers"

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This life is not fair to the fathers. If a child requested for his school fee of about N50,000 from his parents and his father gave him N48,000 as all he has. The child will still be fuming and complaining that the money is incomplete. Then he ran to his mother and she gave him additional N2,000 to complete the fee. The way the child will thank his mother and hugs her with sweet names flowing out his mouth. He forgot that his father gave up to 98% of the money but he appreciated the 2% the mother gave him. Isn't that injustice to the Father? We should not give all the sweet compliments to mothers alone. Lets it be shared equally. Fathers are doing bigger works in the family but they dont "show-off" to their children like mothers do Let's appreciate both equally, please.

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