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Bola Tinubu

Ex-Niger Delta Warlords Send Message To Federal Government



Some former Niger Delta warlords have held a stakeholders meeting on how to combat the current economic crisis in the economy, particularly in the Niger Delta region.

The meeting was held at the residence of Senior High Chief Bibopere Ajube, at Agadagba-Obon, Arogbo, in Ese-Odo Local Government Area (LGA) of Ondo State.

Addressing newsmen after the closed-door meeting, Ebikabowei, alias Gen. Boyloaf, revealed that the major discussion was basically on how to ameliorate the economic hardship on the people of the region.

Boyloaf blamed politicians for sabotaging the economy, adding that the nation should not be suffering considering the mineral resources at its disposal.

Speaking further, the former militant called on the President Bola Tinubu led Federal Government to work on how to increase the Gross Domestic Production (GDP) of the nation in all its exports.


He said, “We are gathered here today because of the economic situation of the country and the way forward. The issue of our economy is important to us.

“There’s need for the Federal Government to work on how to increase our Gross Domestic Production (GDP).

“We have put heads together to ensure that things go on smoothly. We are concerned, most importantly, about the Niger Delta region following the increase in oil output, irrespective of politicians’ moves to sabotage the economy.

“As you know that this region produces what feeds this country, we must make sure the nation gets it right by fixing the economy quickly before it gets out of hands.

“It’s clear that there is no way we can survive without an increase in our productions so that our exports will outshoot our imports.


“We want the Federal Government to share everything to states so that they will bear the responsibilities of whatever happens in their states.”

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