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Elders Warn Politicians, Others Against Inciting Statements



The Patriotic Elders for Peace and Unity has expressed concern over the persistent provocative statements capable of causing chaos and uncertainty in the country coming from various politicians and individual analysts.

Speaking after an emergency meeting in Kano yesterday, the president of the group, Dr. Bature AbdulAziz, said, “It is highly disheartening at this period that every responsible Nigerian is supposed to be patriotic considering the critical situation the country finds itself, but some disgruntle elements are busy trying to cause civil unrest.

“One cannot comprehend the actual missions of some highly placed politicians who are persistently making comments that could lead to treasonable felony, just because some policies of the government have, in the first instance, created unintended hardship.”

Dr AbdulAziz alleged that most of those  in the mission of plunging Nigeria into war and confusion are the same politicians who wanted to lead this country either at the state or federal level.


He cautioned Nigerians against listening to such people who clearly don’t wish them well and are hell-bent on making things more difficult for them, while urging the people to support government and its efforts in achieving good governance.

“Why is it difficult for those politicians and so-called analysts to understand that today globally there is recession and in the affected countries you cannot hear their opposition parties making similar inflammatory comments against their ruling governments. Rather, they offer suggestions and ideas on how things can be resolved.

“Today, it is no news that most developed countries are facing economic difficulties, and people in those countries are supporting their governments to get out of the situation, why is it different in Nigeria?” Abdulaziz stated.

He added, “Nigerian politicians should borrow a leaf from those countries and try to be patriotic so that this current unfortunate economic hardship can be solved by the combined efforts of the government, Nigerians and every patriotic citizen.”

The group promised to meet the president to offer their advice on what could be done, rather than attack the government without providing solutions.



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