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Dramatic moment baby stops crying as parent sprays her money



A parent’s unconventional solution sparks reactions as her baby immediately stops crying when she is sprayed money.

In the hilarious video that surfaced online, the little girl was seen crying uncontrollably.

baby crying money parent

Her parents had sought a way to appease her and brought out money to spray on her.

Surprisingly, the little girl stopped crying at the spot and focused on the money.

The baby began picking up the money, forgetting completely whatever had caused her to cry.


nohpheesat said: “She gats sit down well to check if na real money😂”

boots.and.more remarked: “She sees that as a distraction, not like she knows what it is or what to do with it. Dont define your child like that 🤧 its a good day to buy boots 😌🤸‍♀️”

1804davinchi commented: “It’s not money that stopped her from crying, if you do the same thing with paper, she will also stop crying.”

_peaceful_baddie wrote: “Why do I find this unnecessary and unhealthy for the child ?”

usendollar penned: “That’s my daughter guys ❤️ she took after me ! She likes dollars only”


okm_herbal stated: “She doesn’t know this yet, she’s fascinated by the colors and the movement of your hand😂”

Watch the video below …

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