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What Decisions Have You Taken That Have Affected Your Life Positively?

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Hey guys,A few days ago i was reading a thread on Quora on this particular question and i thought to myself what decisions have i actually taken that i can say helped me to this point.Well so here are some i could think of, kindly share yours in the comments. This would help others learn from you incase they want similar result as you have. Let's do it this way; write the decision and in brackets write how it has affected your life positivelyThis could also inspire somebody to do something positive with his or her life.So here goes:- I deactivated FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM, i basically limited my involvement on social media. (This has helped me to do more productive things with my time, i started visiting more informative sections on NAIRALAND and frequent Quora)-Cultivated a reading culture( Thanks to my last point i have more time available to myself, so i devote myself to reading novels, researching. This has drastically improved my vocab and knowledge base. There is something reading does to the mind)-Improved my cooking skills ( Rather than use my data for social media, i downloaded apps and researched how to cook different local meals)-I stopped chasing girls grin (This should be one of the best decisions I've taken, young guys I'll advice you to do same. This girls you're chasing when you leave them and CHASE YOUR DREAMS they'll be the ones to chase you)-Took online courses (There is a saying that "the valley between you and your success is ignorance" )-Developed a habit of self-development (I read anything that can improve me)-Started online businesses (Thanks to my self-development habit, i run various online businesses, without being taught by anyone. I earn 6-digits income)- I decided not to be limited by setbacks (so i have had a few setback. Everyone does lol. Life isn't fair right? Anyway when i look at where i was a year ago and where i am now i can say there's been alot of progress)....I'll add more as soon as i remember. coolShare yours in the comments let others learn from you. cheesy

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