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Birthday cake

“Dangote does cakes?” – Speculations as mother struggles to cut birthday cake



A Nigerian mother causes a buzz following the effort required to cut her child’s cake during his birthday party.

A video making the rounds on social media captured a beautiful and well-designed birthday cake which came with a clause.

"Na Dangote cement dem use bake am?" - Speculations as mother struggles to cut birthday cake

In the video, the mother of the celebrant could be seen putting a significant effort into cutting her child’s cake for the party attendees.

However, despite using a large butcher’s knife, the pastry fought back and refused to be separated from itself.

Netizens have since expressed mixed opinions on what could’ve gone wrong to make the cake so strong enough to resist a knife.


Reactions as Mother Struggles to Cut Birthday Cake

tasteriesnigeria said: “The cake actually looks frozen. Because how can this beautiful cake be this hard.”

hairby_eni noted: “Na cement them use do the cake ? Why is it that hard.”

rofiatprincess wrote: “I mean i don’t like icing too but that not cake anymore😭😭😭.”

k.w.i.n.e.t added: “The cake isn’t that hard… probably because of the sticks use in joining the 2 half’s together, she didn’t know there was a stick there, because after putting it on the tray you can see how soft the cake is 🌚
Just my thoughts though🤧.”

la_cremecakes explained: “With this decorations…the baker Sabi… it’s either the cake was may earlier than the birthday date and it was stored in the freezer before the birthday…cake can’t be that hard.”


Watch the video below …

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