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Daddy Freeze unveils the official logo for his online church - See Hilarious Replies

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It Seems that Daddy Freeze is taking his online ministry called ‘Free The Sheeple’ to the next level.
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Yesterday he unveiled the official logo for the online church which he calls ‘Free Nation In Christ Online Church’.
See his post below;
Below are some hilarious replies on his post: 
  • aceboy_gbenzBros all this na scope to make more money!!
  • jay_ajebutterU sef nah thief stealing with style after condemning pastors and u come up here to do this then u no well
  • adiazmbakam@nkoyo_
  • lobapropertiesscammer detected, @designsworth@cosmosz101 come see adarinpo ?? with him new style..
  • olisafincyOur church ⛪, I can't wait.
  • prince_podi@toluekundare I have heard ur messiah say pastors like adeboye and oyedepo were not called so I was wondering who called him and you should tell him to keep his pointed hands in his pocket
  • prince_podi@toluekundare now that I have said it he won’t nah when funds dry up he would look for a way to ask lol ? look man nothing goes for nothing!!! People like you love free things so go leave for Freetown
  • toluekundare@prince_podi [email protected]"people like you".... Sums up your assumptive mentality
  • prince_podi@toluekundare go and treat ur patients ooh ?
  • toluekundare@prince_podi Lol. Jesus is the only Messiah. Unlike you characters who worship daddies, while ignoring your real dads. Unfortunately those daddies feed fat off your sorry arses. What a life. SMH
  • prince_podi@toluekundare have ur account expanded since u stopped paying tithe lol ?
  • toluekundare@prince_podi interestingly, yes. By several millions.... ?
  • prince_podi@toluekundare lol ? has Gods work stopped or have anyone come to drag u out of ur house for not paying tithe
  • toluekundare@prince_podi Exactly the point, oga. God's work doesn't require your tithes. Now you're talking ?
  • deckrobb@jay_ajebutter. At least he's not asking anyone for money; he's not asking for tithes. He's here to expose the truth and falseness of the so-called ' men of God'; who happen to be men of devil
  • deckrobb@sirmikeonline He's exposing the truth; falseness of the 'so-called men of God'; who actually happen to be real anti-christ/devil worshippers. The truth hurts.
  • deckrobb@callmiifexco Well said bro. Bless u. They are scared of hearing the 'raw truth' been told
  • savvycraftiesU guys get ready, this is just d beginning!!
  • iam_adejamesThis is funny sha. I knew this was coming. Everyone with their own agenda.
  • ogbuteeBishop of free nation church
  • cdmalabama1When DJANGO on chain got freed
  • uche5976Let's be truthful, this our church needs money more than them. Cos we conduct our services online. This should be put into considerations .
  • reallifeofpurpose@iam_adejames next is a physical venue(church building) which is a natural progression. Next #support the ministry. In all #Christ is preached that is my joy.
  • ademolaashittuuwow our logo is finally out, i can't wait to print it out to place it on my small car and everywhere in my house
  • lexypaul_@peterzlord Sir, you should run for presidency.
  • poshpearl_shawtyAhhhh?? trumpet don sound ooo
  • iamhenny@reallifeofpurpose kee yaself, We don't give a fucken fuck here. we are here to free the sheeple.
  • stephen_echefuOshey online pastor!
  • aronkusofficial@fatokiyemi it's message bro no tithe here
  • samkellstv@iam_adejames@daddyfreeze would have come out to tell us that he wants to open a church
  • truth_in_your_face_I believe the word "church" may be misconstrued by antagonists... But it's not a "church" like everyone knows. The church is not necessarily a building (act 7:48)..but for the sake of those who just like to go to physical buildings, using "church" may just be an attraction... However, if I'm asked to give my opinion, I will prefer we change that "church" to "movement". Good morning.
  • samkellstv@peterzlord Antichrist
  • samkellstv@fatokiyemi he's a confuse man
  • 2hotbabe88But I think we should use movement instead of church
  • lucis_ferre9@iamhenny Jesus also used the word fuck right? You guys need to first work on your tongue and character or else your message won't make any meaning!
  • truthwillalwaysstand????? our tithe or our title this morning @daddyfreeze ? ???
  • truth_in_your_face_@iam_adejames and your point exactly is? ?... Are you indirectly saying many pastors, including your GO opened a church to steal from people? You know the average Nigerian mind is skeptical and corrupt... Could that be your problem and solution at the same time?
  • truthwillalwaysstand@samkellstv no more confused than your bastardised father
  • benvicsamp@daddyfreeze I will advise to remove church replace it something like movement. Don't allow emotional of your followers all over the world over ride the movement don't open door for enemy to get at you hard.
  • orleansproductionFree Nation for Christ Online Movement sound better! Make no mistakes.
  • truthwillalwaysstand@zilnation85 When he starts collecting tithe, then can you say that. Daddy Freeze has always been a christian. Stop being amongst the large percentage of myopic nigerians
  • uche5976@samkellstv . Pls when you coming to our church pls come with brain
  • samkellstvI'm a Redeemer I don't need your church
  • sammieboom1@be.olaa awon obi e... #Omoalejatijati.... Coming on social media to display your stupidity. Did I insult you or call you names? To foolishly reply to my comment tells me you're insane. #Omoabipabe
  • olupitangbenga@samkellstv what are you redeemed from? Free yourself from that thing. I was once in that shit.
  • legendary_outfitsDaddyfree u can't keep doing dis, most times u don't keep to time, leadership is by example, try being on time please, some of us had to put some tins on hold just to listen to ur teaching, pls do something about dis, tank u
  • ifeanyi_4christWhen people say dadyfreeze should use movement and not church...i begin to ask myself what is the meaning of church?...the bible defined church as the body of Christ...while the dictionary defines church as a place where Christians the question is which one is the acceptable it the one by the dictionary or the one given by Christ...this only show how wrong we've been taught...and its bad that all the GO'S cannot change this impression...please brethren the church is anywhere Christians gather in the name of is written..."where two or three of you gather in my name i am there with you" if we gather online that is the church,if we meet at dadyfreeze's house that is the church,if we gather in a bush that is the church,if we gather in a bus or train that is the church...God bless dadyfreeze...
  • azino11_Freeze done open church ??
  • kalekithcmon freeze doing this only divides us Christians more, but I love it tho
  • comrjusticeBewise, Devil is using some persons unknowingly to them
  • a.menxer@kechtrish Religion, especially churchianity, is all about preaching water and drinking Wine. This movement gave the impression of awakening people, but it is like the ego has won after all, carving a niche for itself.
  • theballerinasplaceMust it be a church @ daddyfreeze again ?
  • sammykollyYour criticism of the fraudulent conventional Pastors is helping now they are building bridges roads and helping at least with this I really like ur works. God bless you more
  • valid_point_U can't only be preaching from the comfort of Ur home alone... Go to the rural areas for evangelism they need it too. the gospel is not only for those who can afford phone and internet
  • chiedudieyiIs the word of Jesus about tithe or about salvation and discipleship? I don't understand ur objectives anylonger. I just hope u ain't wasting ur megabytes thinking u are touching God's heartbeat, (well, judgement day will tell) U got it right with the tithe teaching, but I think u are overflogging it. There are other weightier matters, and I believe u will be doing the Kingdom a favour by preaching them Bless u
  • mykel.ceoIdioters watz ur own definition of the word "church"?
  • truthwillalwaysstand@zilnation85 And ur still sounding foolish.
  • prince_podiNa so church Dey take start ooh and I wonder who call u....very soon offerings and donations.....pot calling kettle black
  • mindyabizyThis na the PLAN after all. Gather them online and begin collect ur portion. Your formula strong pass yahoo yahoo boys own. Mr orange ? looking ???
  • deebrownneymar@daddyfreeze why does it look so much like RCCG's? Why are the pages of the bible blank? There's something not right with the colours; what do they symbolise?
  • lara_sage_lifestylecoach@prince_podi I keep wondering how u managed to still be alive,with your very simple mind... Apparently Church in this case to you mean a building abi? Aturu
  • zilnation85@dike.linda not really dear.. My truth is that it all starts with a person finding doctrines wrong in a church and thinks starting a new one is the solution.. Look at the history of the church and understand my position.. Happy Sunday
  • dugam_officialI was beginning to look into your messages, but your method of inculcating by replying absurdity in your comment section and post, someone that’s spirit filled would think it’s not of God. If you love your neighbor like ur message entail, you wouldn’t reply such harsh words, eg I came across you telling a someone that his mum must have had him for a goat. Check yourself and make amends, make sure you are led by this spirit of God and not the reverse,remain blessed.
  • nomsalorNo internet no service
  • wolfyabiolaOsha pra pra...
  • officialtonytimberThis is my only Church, I stopped going to Church over a decade ago and none of my kids was dedicated to any Church because I see no Christ in them, u have been looking for a place where truth will be told like this man is doing but I haven’t seen any, I made a gold statement to my wife and family that should I die that no person wearing any rubbish cloth in the name of man of God should bear my grave and I stand by thy point.sirmikeonlineHahahahahahahahahahhahaahahahahahahaha. This guy is (not) funny oooh.Is Freez becoming Jobless?Wake up man, this is not the most appropriate way to go about this. Hope this is not an anti Christ spirit?
  • unbeatable_hiikayYou obviously don’t want people to attend church service again. I am totally against this one biko.

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